“Ronin” Chris Dumont vs. Marie Jones
SCW Television Championship

2 RP limit for singles

3500 word max per RP

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET THURSDAY, April 25, 2024 ET
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I love AJ Allmendinger.
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April 17th, 2024
Boston, Massachusetts
Off Camera

Taking the Leap has come and gone and, as expected, Marie Jones did not walk away from the event with a tag team title shot in her back pocket. Instead it was the duo of Glory Braddock and Brittany Lohan who conquered all of the other teams and are now in contention for the tag team championship. The Phoenix did her best but she knew that the promise of a tag team title opportunity was a long shot, especially when it came down to the fact that she was teaming with Chris Dumont, a man she had never before worked with, a man with whom she had no real chemistry. But now Jones must return her focus back to her SCW Television Championship. She won the championship for a historic third time by defeating Colleen, but that victory was for more meaningful than just another trophy or achievement for The Phoenix. This was symbolic of Marie’s intentions since returning to SCW. Marie had returned promising to be the workhorse, to be a fighter, and the SCW Television Championship is the workhorse title. You have to be a true fighter week in and week out. Holding this championship and defending it is Marie’s way of fulfilling her commitment to SCW and its fans. But this next opponent, her first challenger to the championship, will certainly be a rather awkward one to say the least. Jones will defend against her tag team partner from Taking the Leap, Chris Dumont. In the span of just a few short weeks Jones and Dumont have gone from allies fighting for a common cause to rivals fighting over a championship both crave. It certainly is funny how wrestling can take sudden twists and turns like that, but for a second generation wrestler like Marie, none of this is surprising. None of this is shocking. And despite the brief bond she formed with Chris Dumont at Taking the Leap, she will still do whatever it takes to successfully defend her championship on Breakdown.

Defending her championship against Chris Dumont isn’t the only thing that has been weighing heavily on the mind of The Phoenix. While her redemption journey in wrestling has gone well thus far, her redemption in her personal private life has had its fair share of ups and downs. On the one hand, Marie has finally earned the trust of her family. Her family finally believes that the brainwashing that led her to joining the Inner Peace cult has been broken and furthermore that she is mature and responsible enough to once again take over the very important duties of being a parent. Which means Marie not only gets her house back but also means she gets custody of her son, Sean Connor Jones, back. Knowing that her family trusts her and believes in her again is a gratifying and wonderful feeling. Yet at the same time Marie knows that there is still one secret that her family doesn’t know, a secret that would make them think twice if they knew; that secret has to do with Julianne Buchanan. Julianne is the beautiful blonde who Marie developed a romantic relationship with and who managed to convince Marie twice to join Inner Peace. Marie’s sister Kim and their mother Angelica both are aware of Marie’s continued relationship with Julianne. And while they do not trust Julianne, they have been willing to give the relationship a chance. But what they do not know is that Julianne never really left the Inner Peace cult. In fact, Julianne is making a play to take over the cult and she wants Marie to join her.

It is quite the decision for Marie. She recognizes that twice before Inner Peace fooled her, manipulated her, and nearly ruined her life. She would be foolish to join a third time after going to so much trouble to earn her family’s trust back. But Julianne insists that this time Inner Peace will be different. She insists that this time it will not be some cheap cult, that it is purely about female empowerment. Marie wants to trust her lover, she wants to believe Julianne. But she also knows how her family would react. If she were to join her lover in this new incarnation of Inner Peace, everything she fought so hard for on this redemption journey would be gone, all on a gamble that she can trust Julianne, that this time really will be different.

Today she isn’t thinking about it. Right here and now she is focusing on being with Julianne and enjoying her company. For the longest time Marie and Julianne have had to sneak around and keep their relationship a secret. But now that Marie’s family knows about and is ok with the relationship, they can freely enjoy one another without a care in the world. The smile on her face as she walks through the hall of her large, luxurious Boston home is evidence of just how happy Marie is on this day. Jones is wearing an ankle length floral print skirt, a red silk blouse, and sandals. She is carrying two glasses of red wine, one in each hand. The Phoenix makes a turn and enters her opulent living room area where she spots her beautiful blonde lover Julianne Buchanan sprawled out on the sofa. It has been forever since Julianne has visited Marie’s home. She could never have her over out of fear of her family finding out. But now things are different. And things are looking up for their relationship. Sure, there is that looming decision Marie will have to make regarding Inner Peace. Hopefully she can keep that decision on the back burner for as long as possible and just enjoy her time with Julianne. She knows Julianne can be impatient and headstrong, but perhaps she won’t bring it up.

“You’re not going to sleep, are you?” Marie asks as she walks over towards the sofa. Julianne looks up at her and smirks. She then swings her legs over the side of the sofa and sits up to make room for Marie. She sits down next to Julianne and hands her a glass of wine.

“Not a chance.” Julianne holds up her glass. “How about a toast?”

“What are we toasting?”

“How about the fact that your family finally are willing to let you live your life, that they’re keeping their nose out of our business? Or how about toasting to the fact that you have your house back and I can actually spend time here instead of you having to stay with me at my place all the time?”

“Or maybe a toast to me getting custody of my son back?”

“Sure. That too.” Julianne grins. She and Marie clink their glasses together and then take sips of their wine. Julianne sighs. “Incredible wine.”

“I broke out the best stuff in celebration of this occasion.”

“Clever girl. And what a celebration this is! I mean, not only is your nosy mother and annoying sister finally keeping out of our business, but you finally have this gorgeous home back from that idiot sister of yours.” Julianne shakes her head. “Honestly, I’m surprised that freak didn’t trash the place.”

Marie feels slightly upset, bothered by how Julianne is speaking about her mother and sister. She doesn’t like to hear it. But in fairness, Angelica Jones has always found it difficult to cut the apron strings. She’s always been very involved in her life. And as for Kim, well, Kim does tend to rub people the wrong way. So Marie can understand why Julianne may not like her that much. Marie chooses to keep her criticism to herself for now.

“Kim can certainly be…strange…”

“That is an understatement.”

“...but she DOES respect my boundaries.” Marie states firmly. “She would never have trashed the place.”

“Why was she staying here anyway?”

“To look after Sean.” Marie states. “He already lost me. Kim didn’t want to see him have to force any other unnecessary changes on him. So she just moved in here. Technically she did own the place. I signed the deed over to her when I first joined Inner Peace.”

“But now you have it back?” Julianne asks. Marie nods her head as she sips on her wine.


“Good. And uh, speaking of your son, where is he?”

“He isn’t here if that’s what you’re asking.” Marie begins. “He is with Kim right now. I figured you would want some alone time with me.”

“You read my mind.” Julianne says with a wide ear to ear grin. Both women set their wine glasses down and then they begin to passionately make out. It quickly escalates as Julianne pushes Marie onto her back on the sofa. Julianne is on top and she goes for Marie’s top, attempting to pull it off. But Marie stops her.

“Really, Julianne?” She laughs. “Now?”

“Oh and why not now?”

“For starters its early afternoon. Second, we have a bedroom for this!”

“Then let’s go to the bedroom.” Julianne says as she kisses her on the lips again. Marie chuckles as she gently pushes Julianne off of her and sits up. Julianne sighs with a hint of disappointment.

“Later, Julianne. I would just rather enjoy your company right now. That’s all.” Jones leans her head against the blonde’s shoulder. Julianne strokes Marie’s hair.

“I suppose I can wait.” Julianne remarks. “But if we’re just going to sit here and cuddle and enjoy each other’s company, then I would like to ask a question.”


“Have you thought about my proposal?” Julianne asks.

“What proposal?” Marie plays dumb, acting as if she doesn’t know what her lover is referring to; but she knows full well what Julianne means. She just hopes Julianne will drop it. Marie doesn’t want to talk about Inner Peace. Not here and not now.

“Inner Peace, of course.” Julianne states, quickly dashing Marie’s hopes of this topic not coming up. Marie sighs as she shakes her head.

“Honestly, Julianne, I was hoping not to talk about this…” her voice trails off.

“Well when do you want to talk about it?” Julianne’s voice has a hint of displeasure and impatience. “I told you almost a month ago about my plans for Inner Peace, our plans to relocate, rebuild, and refocus. I want you to join me in this new era of Inner Peace and I gave you the time you wanted to think about it. But it has been a month and you haven’t so much as brought it up again.”

“Please try to understand where I’m coming from.” Marie says quietly. “I joined Inner Peace twice…” she sighs “...both times I was manipulated and deceived…”

“This time is different.” Julianne interrupts. “This is NOT the same Inner Peace.”

“Forgive me for having some doubts. And my family…” she shakes her head “...they wouldn’t believe it, not for one second. Everything I have done to earn their trust back, to get this house back, to win custody of my son back, all of it will be put at risk.”

“I swear to you that things are different now.” Julianne places a firm hand on Marie’s shoulder. “There is nothing sinister here, despite the misgivings you or your family may have. This is about female empowerment. There isn’t anything wrong with that, is there?”

“No…” Marie’s voice trails off.

“And I love you, Marie. I love you more than anything.”

“I love you too.”

“Then join me.” Julianne says grinning. “Because I want you by my side when I restructure and restart Inner Peace.”

“You’re not making this easy for me.” Marie says. “What if I were to say no?”

“Don’t be silly.” Julianne laughs lightly. “We were meant for one another. We were MADE for one another.” The blonde kisses Marie on her forehead. “You know that your proper place is by my side.”

The Phoenix is a complete mess with a mixture of conflicting emotions. Her logical mind tells her that this is all wrong, that she risks everything by following her heart and following Julianne. But deep in her heart she feels something special about Julianne. She feels loved, she feels cared for when she’s around Julianne. She feels comfortable when she’s in Julianne’s grip. Everything feels right when she is around Julianne. And after this conversation with Julianne, Marie now realizes that rejecting her offer to join Inner Peace will also come with a risk; she risks losing Julianne. What a difficult decision; if she joins Inner Peace, she risks losing her family. If she doesn’t join, she risks losing her lover. And now that same lover seems hell bent on forcing her to make a decision right here and now.

“So what do you say, Marie?” Julianne asks. “Do you want to join me? Do you want to be a part of this new era of Inner Peace?”

“Well…I have thought about it…” Marie finally nods her head “...yes, I will join you.”

“You will be with me in Inner Peace?”

“Yes.” Marie nods her head. Immediately the blonde squeals with delight.

“Oh this is such wonderful news!” She embraces Marie in a tight hug. “You have no idea how happy you have made me!”

“I…I am glad you’re happy.” Marie says quietly, unsure of herself and unsure if she has truly made the right decision. Julianne quickly grabs her wine glass and holds it up again. Marie grabs hers and holds it up.

“Another toast…to the new era of Inner Peace!”

“To Inner Peace.” Marie repeats. They clink glasses and then sip on their wine. Julianne seems absolutely thrilled. Marie is happy that she has made Jullianne happy. But she is also unsure if she has made the right decision. She knows that this is a big gamble. She risks losing her family at the expense of maintaining her relationship with Julianne. Her family trusted her and now she went and did this? Has Marie lost her mind?

But trust does go both ways. She must put her faith and her trust in those that she loves. Marie realizes now what she must do. She just hopes that the trust is there, that the faith is there, and that it isn’t too late. Because there is only one way to confirm whether or not she has made the right decision. Only one way.
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SWC Southern Heavyweight Champion 1x
MWA Turmoil Champion 1x
GCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
UWA World Tag Team Champion 1x
HKW Bloodlust Champion 3x
2022 SCW Trios Tournament Winner
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
SCW Underground Champion 5x
SCW Television Champion 1x
SCW United States Champion 1x
MWE Chicago Way Champion 1x
5LW Television Champion 1x
Queen of the Death Match

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SCW United States Champion 1x
SCW Television Champion 2x
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
UWA World Champion 1x
UWA X-Class Champion 1x
UWA World Tag Team Champion 1x
IWC World Tag Team Champion 1x
MCW X-Division Champion 1x
GDW International Champion 1x
GDW World Tag Team Champion 3x

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April 22nd, 2024
Worcester, Massachusetts
Off Camera

This isn’t what you think.

What this night presents is what appears to be the eccentric, some would say downright deranged, SCW Underground Champion Kimberly Williams walking the streets of Worcester, Massachusetts dressed in torn denim jeans, flip flops, a “Queens of Chaos” logo t-shirt, and a black biker jacket, all while carrying her beloved penguin Wasley in her right hand. Yes, this certainly appears to be Kimberly but it isn’t. If you were to think that, you’d be wrong. This isn’t the SCW Underground Champion; it is the SCW Television Champion, Kimberly’s identical twin sister, “The Phoenix” Marie Annabelle Jones, who seems to be going out for a stroll cosplaying as her twin. This is a practice that Kimberly does all the time, but what is it about tonight that has Marie out and about dressed up as Kim, cosplaying as Kim? Love will make one do strange things and in this case love has forced Marie’s hand, love is forcing The Phoenix to do some very strange things.

Marie Jones loves Julianne Buchanan. She wants nothing more than to be with her gorgeous blonde lover. They have spent so much time together and have endured the ups and downs of the Inner Peace Enlightenment cult together. When they both left the group, Marie had hoped their romance, their love for one another, would be enough to help them endure. But the more time she spends with Julianne, the more concerned she becomes about her intentions. Julianne has grown to become more domineering and in the relationship, throwing her weight around in the relationship. But that’s not even the biggest red flag for Jones; she recently learned that Julianne plans to restructure and reform Inner Peace and wants Marie to rejoin the group. She insists that Marie’s proper place is by her side within Inner Peace. Marie does feel as if she should be with Julianne, she wants to be with Julianne, but being with Inner Peace, again, is a different story altogether. Marie lost the trust and faith of her family and lost custody of her son because of her involvement with Inner Peace. It took a long time for Marie to earn all of that back and to get her son back. She knows returning to Inner Peace would risk all of what she fought so hard for and she isn’t sure she is ready to do that, despite Julianne’s assurances that things are different.

Initially she agreed to be with Julianne, to be with Inner Peace again, but now Marie is having second thoughts. Marie isn’t sure that her decision to be with Julianne in the newly restructured Inner Peace is the correct decision. But Marie does know that there is one way she can possibly find out for certain about the true intentions of Julianne Buchanan. There is one way she can find out if Julianne is being genuine and sincere or if this is all manipulation all along. This is what brings her out to Worcester, Massachusetts dressed the way she is, dressed as her identical twin sister. She just hopes that she can be just as convincing as Kim.

“I can’t believe I agreed to this.” Marie says to Wasley the penguin. “I mean, Kimmy is better at this than me. Kim spent one month pretending to me! She went out on a date with my ex-boyfriend pretending to be me! She convinced my son’s school principal that she was me! She is far better at this than me!” She sighs out of frustration. “She should be doing this, not me! But I guess I understand…kind of…I mean, I need to see it for myself. I need to hear it for myself. I can’t rely on Kim to do all of the heavy lifting and report back to me.” Marie nods her head. “Yes, I know she would do it for me if I asked, but if she reported back to me would I believe her or Julianne? It would still be her word against Julianne’s and I love them both. So I supposed yeah, I do need to do this on my own so I can hear it and see it for myself.”

Marie Jones stares down at Wasley and the blank expression on the plushy penguin’s face. She rolls her eyes. “My God, look at me! I’m talking to a damn penguin!” She shakes her head. “Not even a penguin, I’m talking to a toy penguin! This crap is causing me to lose my damn mind. Next thing I know I’m going to be dragging your dumb stuffed ass to the ring with me.” Marie smirks. “Although having you sit ringside might disturb Chris Dumont just enough to give me the edge in my Television Title defense.” Marie thinks about it for a moment before shaking her head. “Nah! I’d rather win it the right way, clean in the center of the ring with no shenanigans. I don’t want there to be any excuses, win or lose.” She kisses the penguin plushy on its beak. “Besides, I doubt Kim would lone you out to me for Breakdown anyway. I’m shocked she let you out of her sight for this little game.” Marie chuckles lightly before she comes upon a modern looking home up on a hill. She sighs uneasily. “Well, here we are Wasley. Julianne’s home. Wish me luck.”

The Phoenix begins to make her way up the hill towards Julianne’s home. Marie knows this path and this home all too well. She has been here many times before as herself, as Marie, but this time is different. This time the stakes are raised as she is quite nervous because she has the unenviable and difficult task of tricking her lover into believing she is really Kimberly Williams. The appearance isn’t the problem. Marie and Kim look identical in every sense of the word. But Julianne and Marie have been lovers for quite some time. If anyone knows Marie and can tell them apart, it would be Julianne. Sure, Kim fooled Julianne once, but that was Kim. Kim is better at this than Marie. Can Marie be just as good at this as Kim is? Can Marie pull off the act? There is also this feeling of guilt. She knows she is about to lie and deceive her lover. But Marie feels it must be done. She needs answers one way or another. She approaches the door and is about to ring the doorbell but stops.

“No, no…that’s what I would do…what would Kim do?” Marie grins and then knocks on the door loudly to the tune of ‘shave and a haircut.’ She waits a few moments before doing the knock again. Finally the door opens to Julianne Buchanan standing there in the doorway. Julianne looks surprised at first but then her face contorts into a look of angst and frustration. Marie can tell that Julianne must believe that she really is Kim. For now the act is working. How would Kim proceed from here? “Hello! Have you heard about our lord and savior Wasley?” She holds the penguin plushy up in Julianne’s face.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Julianne demands angrily. “For that matter, how the hell did you find me?” She tilts her head to one side, studying her carefully. “Did Marie tell you where I lived?”

“Marie? Nopers.” Marie shakes her head. “My sister has her head shoved so far up your ass she wouldn’t tell me anything about you. I found you the way I find everything and everyone…by snooping. I’m a brilliant snooper.”

“Good for you.” Julianne rolls her eyes. “Now what are you doing here?” She shakes her head. “Actually, you know what? I don’t care what you want. I just want you to leave. I do not want you here.”

For a brief moment Marie does consider leaving. She still doesn’t like deceiving Julianne. And yet, a part of her does feel that Julianne is hiding something. She may not get another chance to find out what truly motivates Julianne, whether she is being sincere or if there is some other underlying agenda. Marie forces herself to continue with the deception.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll leave,” she boops Julianne on her nose “as soon as you tell me exactly what you are up to, young lady.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh don’t play coy.” Marie smirks. “I already know about your grand plan to bring back Inner Peace.”

“How did you find out?” Julianne asks with a look of shock on her face.

“Remember what I said earlier? I’m really good at snooping into shit that’s none of my business. Sticking my nose into things where it doesn’t belong is a hobby of mine.” Marie grins knowingly. “So what do you got up your sleeves, Julesy? Why are you bringing back the cult, the same cult you and Marie just escaped from?”

“None of your business.” Julianne states sternly. “Now leave!”

Maybe Julianne doesn’t have any sinister intentions? Sure, she’s acting suspicious, but that could just be chalked up to the fact that Julianne does not like Kim. Marie is beginning to feel a sense of relief that maybe, just maybe, Julianne is being sincere about everything. Still, Julianne hid things from Marie before. She hid the restructuring of Inner Peace. Could she be hiding more? Marie must know. She decides that one more tactic is needed to to ensure that the blonde isn’t hiding anything. She needs to call her bluff.

“So you’re not gonna spill the beans?” Marie asks. Julianne shakes her head. Marie shrugs her shoulders. “Oh well…I suppose I can find out on my own, then, but when I do, you can believe that I will make sure Marie finds out…that she will learn about everything you have planned and…”

This certainly sparked a response from Julianne that Marie wasn’t expecting. She reaches out, grabs Marie by her throat, and slams her against the side of her house. The blonde, now sporting a look of pure rage, gets up into Marie’s face, growling angrily, almost as if she were a wild beast.

“You ruined Inner Peace not once but twice.” She shakes her head. “You will NOT ruin Inner Peace for a third time! Not this time!” She slaps her across the face. “You corrupted Marie, MY MARIE! You turned her against me and my beloved Raul! It will not happen again!”

“But I thought…” Marie chokes out “...but I thought you and Marie helped put Raul in jail.”

“We had to because of you and your interference!” Julianne shouts. “But I am actively working to get him out of prison and then when he returns, I will convince Marie that her proper place is with Raul, and with me!”

“Thanks for spilling the beans, Julesy.” Marie says. “You gave away your plan just like any good saturday morning cartoon villain.”

“Maybe, but unlike them, I will make sure you aren’t around to ruin my plans.” She reaches into her pants pocket and produces a knife. “Me and Marie will be together forever with Inner Peace, serving Raul, the way God intended.”

Suddenly the knife is kicked out of Julianne’s hand. The blonde is stunned because it didn’t come from Marie, or at least who thinks is Kim. Julianne then turns to see Kimberly Williams stepping out of the shadows. Kim is dressed identically to Marie and is holding a tape recorder in her hand.

“You know, Marie, you could have just beat her over the head with Wasley.”

“Sorry I didn’t think to do that, Kim.” Marie says. “But she DID pull a knife on me.”

“Wait a sec…” Julianne looks at Kim and then at Marie, slowly she realizes what has happened “...you two switched places?!”

“I suspected you had been manipulating me almost from the start. The fact that you kept the return of Inner Peace hidden from me for so long raised a lot of red flags. But I loved you, Julianne, and I didn’t want to believe you would do this to me. So I had to hear it for myself. And now that I do know the truth, I know exactly what I need to do.” Marie pushes Julianne to the ground and then joins her sister Kim by her side. Julianne scrambles back to her feet.

“You can’t do this!” She exclaims. “Do not let that maniac corrupt you! You belong to Raul! We both do!”

“That maniac is my sister!” Marie shouts angrily. “And I thought this new Inner Peace was about female empowerment but you stand there saying that you and I belong to Raul? I belong to no one.” Marie shakes her head. “Inner Peace was and always will be a bullshit cult designed to enslave women, not empower them.” Marie and Kim turn and start to walk away. Julianne chases after them.

“No! Marie, don’t go!” She begs. “You belong with Inner Peace!”

“Shut your damn mouth!” Marie exclaims. “I am through with you! We are done! And I don’t want to hear from you ever again!” Tears form in Marie’s eyes. She did truly love her, making this difficult to say. “I know all about the skeletons in your closet, as well as all of the skeletons in Raul and Inner Peace’s closet. I can make sure you sit in a jail cell right next to him and I will if you ever try to contact me again.” Marie turns and begins to walk away, Kim follows her. They still hear Julianne shouting angrily but they can tell she isn’t following. Once they are out of earshot Marie turns to face Kim.

“Thanks for helping me, Kim.” Marie says. “I didn’t want to believe it but…” she sighs and shakes her head.

“Hey, no problem. That’s what sisters are for.” Kim smirks. “And granted, I didn’t want to be right about her.”

“It is what it is.” Marie shrugs her shoulders. “She was using me, manipulating me. It seems as if anyone I get close to turns out to be abusive, a manipulator, or they just end up dead.” Marie says quietly. Kim pats her on the back.

“Don’t worry. The right person will come along.”

On Camera

Wrestling is a very funny business. Two complete strangers get randomly paired together and they come within an eyelash of earning a shot at the world tag team championship. That was us, Dumont. The Ronin and The Phoenix came together as one of the unlikeliest of pairings and we came close on several occasions to winning that tag title contenders match. But close isn’t good enough in this business. All that matters is the win and in a match like that when you have so many tag teams involved and it’s just one fall to a finish, it is much easier to get lost in the shuffle than it is to rise to the occasion and pick up the win. That’s all that happened at Taking the Leap. We got lost in the shuffle and Twisted & Sadistic took advantage, not pinning either of us but pinning The European Fiery Nation instead.

I suppose we could gripe about how we technically weren’t pinned or beaten in that match. But what would that make us? Just a couple of complainers. You and I are not complainers. We do not gripe, bitch, and moan about opportunities that passed us by. We learn from our mistakes and we move on to the next big challenge and, Chris, I can see big things on the horizon for you and me individually. There’s no need to worry ourselves over what happened in the past. Besides, I think we did one hall of a job for ourselves considering we never had worked together before that night. And maybe, someday, we might get the opportunity to work together again.

But right now it is time to focus on the present, it is time to focus on the here and the now. Right here and right now, this next time The Ronin and The Phoenix come together, it will not be as tag team partners, it will be as opponents. We will not be working together, we will be working against one another. Because, you, Dumont, you impressed management. You showed your stuff at Taking the Leap and now you are next in line to challenge me for the SCW Television Championship. We might not have earned that tag title shot but you, my friend, have earned yourself a title shot nonetheless.

And me? It’s my back up against the wall. I am in the situation where I have nothing to gain and everything to lose. The pressure is on and in more ways than one. Little known fact, Chris, is that when it comes to me and this Television Championship, I have not had a good history of successfully defending it. Once again it’s one of those ironic things about this business. I have been SCW United States Champion and SCW World Tag Team Champion but when it comes to this Television Title I now have in my possession, I rarely have a successful title defense. Let’s face it, Chris, you have the advantage here. Sure, I may technically have the champion’s advantage in the sense that I have to be pinned or submitted to lose the title, but history is not on my side. History is on your side, my friend.

Yes, the pressure is on and on big time, but that’s when I perform at my very best. When the pressure is on, that’s when The Phoenix rises up from the ashes to burn her enemies to the ground. And that’s why I believe that this latest run in SCW will be my very best run in SCW. I returned to the SCW ring with all of the pressure in the world on my back. I put the weight of the entire world on my shoulders because I wanted to prove to everyone that I am SCW’s workhorse, that I am the one person you can always count on to be there for the fight. And this Television Title is the very definition of who and what I wanted to be when I returned to SCW.

The SCW Television Champion has to be the workhorse, they have to compete each and every week without rest or vacation. The SCW Television Champion has to be ready for the fight no matter who it is, where it is, or when they are called upon to fight. The champion must be ready to fight at all times. And that’s who I am now. When The Phoenix died only to be resurrected from the ashes once more, I rose from those ashes as the workhorse, as the fighter that SCW needs me to be. That’s why this SCW Television Championship means the world to me.

And that is why you will have to KILL ME in order to take this championship from me.

History may not be on my side but history can go straight to hell! I am going to bring the fight to you, Chris. Everything you saw me do to Colleen to win this, everything you saw me do at Taking the Leap, you can kick all of that up ten notches coming up on Breakdown when you and I collide because I will not accept mediocrity, I will not be content with those same old tired phrases… “Oh, well, at least I tried”...

Bullshit. Trying isn’t good enough. I know who and what I am, I know what I am capable of, and for too long I deprived these great fans of everything that I am. For too long I deprived my opponents of everything that I am. Ever since my return, anyone and everyone who has stepped into the ring against me has had to face EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN BIT OF THE PHOENIX!

Now you get to face The Phoenix. Now you get to face EVERYTHING that I am! And I am not coming to Breakdown to try, I am not even coming to Breakdown to defend my title. I am coming to Breakdown to SUCCESSFULLY DEFEND my SCW Television Title. I am coming to be the workhorse champion that the great SCW fans deserve. And nothing will stop me.

Nothing will stop The Phoenix from rising…
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SWC Southern Heavyweight Champion 1x
MWA Turmoil Champion 1x
GCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
UWA World Tag Team Champion 1x
HKW Bloodlust Champion 3x
2022 SCW Trios Tournament Winner
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
SCW Underground Champion 5x
SCW Television Champion 1x
SCW United States Champion 1x
MWE Chicago Way Champion 1x
5LW Television Champion 1x
Queen of the Death Match

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SCW United States Champion 1x
SCW Television Champion 2x
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
UWA World Champion 1x
UWA X-Class Champion 1x
UWA World Tag Team Champion 1x
IWC World Tag Team Champion 1x
MCW X-Division Champion 1x
GDW International Champion 1x
GDW World Tag Team Champion 3x

Date: A couple of hours after the PPV
Location: #421, University Hospital in Newark, NJ

{The screen static jumps to the inside of the University Hospital in Newark New Jersey, where he was taken after his match with Kimberly Williams and at the moment, the area surrounding his hospital room resembles a small armed camp with Irvine sitting outside of his door while Kyle Gibson eat some street corn flavored almonds while leaning against the wall next to him while Chris, in a combination of his street clothes and ring gear, is talking on the phone to someone near-by but ends the call a moment later}

"Well Chris?" Kyle asked with a raised eyebrow.

"They'll be right up. They got the rest of our gear from the venue before heading on over here." Chris explained as he slipped his phone into a pocket before the elevator nearby "dinged" at them at which point the doors opened and the rest of the Phantom Troupe came out-Dylan Maverick, DJ Hunter, and David Belmont who brought up the rear with David's black messenger bag slung over his shoulder.

DJ walked right up to Chris, taking a moment to run a hand through his short black hair and with a worried look on his face. "Alright, what's the verdict?" he inquired troublingly.

Chris indicated the room next to them, "Multiple lacerations, heavy bruising, they had to pull more than roughly thirty staples out of his forearms, chest, and head. Not to mention that he fell from the top of the structure itself to the ground below, furthermore bruising his ribs." Chris explained in a quiet tone so as not to disturb the other patients that late.

"Shit…shit shit shit!!” Dylan started to go off as he started pacing back and forth with a look of pure stress on his face while Belmont simply took in everything like he usually did and nodded before looking at the Hawaiian bruiser.

“It could be worse, Dylan.” was all that Belmont said.

This caused Dylan to come up short and look at the other man, “And how the *fuck* could it be worse?” he asked in a deadly serious tone.

“He could’ve snapped his neck.” Belmont said plainly.

Dylan just looked at Belmont for a moment before nodding slowly. “Point.” he admitted freely before adding as an after thought, "How did he fall all the way down to the base of the structure?"

Kyle coughed to get people's attention, "The general idea is that he was so slick with blood, sweat, and ghost pepper infused water that it made him slip from the second tier and down to the ground below, but since he was already rolled up in a ball from the first impact, it helped to soften the second and third ones." the bearded man explained.

Belmont chuckled slightly before turning to look at Chris, “Alright. What’s the plan now?”

“Alright, the plan is simple. Since Kimberly beat David at the pay per view fair and clean, no acts of vengeance is to be taken out on her for beating Davey-boy. Secondly, all business with NFW is on hold until we can get the shit there figured out.” DJ explained, crossing his arms over his chest. “I mean seriously, there is some serious shit going on over there that none of us are liking.”

“Fair enough, but what about the twin shits?” Belmont asked.


“Braddock and Lohan? They managed to slip through and get the victory against Marie and Chris on the same pay per view tonight.” Belmont explained slipping his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “I mean they beat all of the other teams in the match and then bragged about how they got away with things.”

Chris nodded but otherwise stayed silent, mostly because he was still furious with himself that he wasn’t able to get either half of Twisted and Sadistic’s throats under his fingers that night despite his best efforts….

Belmont noticed that Chris was surprisingly quiet and looked down at the other man’s hands, taking note that they were opening and closing like he was trying to stay calm or something, at which point looked over at Dylan who had a sinister looking smile on his face.

“Who said they got away from fucking with the Troupe and our people scot free?” was all that Dylan said.

The screen then shifts to another location and we find ourselves outside of a Bucc-ii’s of all places, and this is where we find none other than the “Ronin” himself, Chris Dumont, who has a somewhat serious and somber look on his face as he is apparently still thinking about the series of events from a few days before…or that was until suddenly a hand thrusting a large plastic bag full of dusky brown and cream colored squares is suddenly thrust into his face}

“Two pounds of Bucc-ii’s salted caramel cheesecake fudge…as promised!” a man’s voice said rather proudly from just out of view that quickly caused Chris to jump slightly as he turned to regard which turned out to be Belmont as he-along with Kyle and Dylan-all come out of the store carrying all kinds of assorted bags. “*NOW* we’re ready to continue this trip to Breakdown.”

“Um…thanks?” Chris said as he accepted the fudge and the group got back into the car and headed down the road, listening to some classic metal as they went and after a hundred or so miles, Kyle was the one to finally break the silence.

“So, do you think that you’re ready for your match against Marie, Chris?” the tallest member of their group asked as he popped a few of his almonds into his mouth. “I mean this is your first title match anywhere, right?”

Nodding, Chris said “Yeah, just don’t think that I’ve earned this match though.”
“What do you mean by that?” Kyle asked, pausing in his chewing long enough to ask that question.

“I mean three matches in and already I’ve got a title match and on top of that, it’s against someone that I tagged with in my second match ever, that’s what I mean.” Chris explained while casting an eye over at the bearded man. “I mean I went into the pay per view so confident that I was going to pull what my dad did back in his pay per view debut that I just threw caution to the wind and look at what happened.”

Kyle nodded, “So you lost one match and think that it’s too early for you to challenge for a belt, aye?”

Chris could only nod.

Kyle raised one of his eyebrows as he looked over at Chris for a long moment before chuckling. “You’re worrying over bullshit.”

“Oh, and how is this bullshit?”

“Because if the people in charge didn’t see anything in you, they wouldn’t have given you this chance to prove yourself.” Belmont said from his spot driving. “I mean you didn’t hear Davey-boy complaining did you?”

Chris arched an eyebrow at Belmont on that one. “That’s because David’s been doing this longer than I have, so he’s got the history in this industry thus far while I’m still a dark horse…” he started to say.

HEY…that’s my scthick!” Belmont said while casting a mock-dark look at Chris via the rear-view mirror.

“...not the point, Belmont. But I guess it’s just me questioning why giving me a title shot after I lost the first one with Marie?” Chris asked in a simple matter.

“First things first, the match that you had at taking the leap was simply to determine the next top contenders for the tag team titles, something that Braddock and Lohan had apparently kept pushing and pushing the SCW front office about until they had enough of their shit…” Belmont started to explain.

“Until those two bitches created a chaotic atmosphere that allowed them to slip in and steal that chance from a more worthy team.” Kyle pointed out.

“Agreed, but the point of the matter is that it’s not your fault that you lost the match. You busted your ass for it and to promotion heads, that kind of dedication is worthy of a title shot no matter how new or old you are to a company.” Belmont finished. “Now can someone open me a bag of beaver nuggets, I’m getting kind of hungry here.”

“So that aside, does anyone know what the plan is to do about Braddock and Lohan? I mean are they honestly getting off scot free or what, Dy?” Chris asked, honestly interested.

Dylan couldn’t help but chuckle as he held an open bag of Beaver Nuggets up for Belmont to grab some as he drove. “Man, don’t let those two bints bother you. Right now what you need to do is get up inside of yourself and focus on the job at hand and that’s to lay the smack down on Marie and bring the SCW Television championship home to the Troupe.”

“...well, as much as you can do in a respectable manner. I mean she is well liked, respectable, and all that jazz.” Belmont pointed out.

“Yeah, yeah. Wouldn’t mind dating her crazy ass sister though.” Dylan added.

Now not many things could bring an eclectic group like the four men from the Phantom Troupe that were currently in the car together-even someone like Kyle who was actually considered to be a “Rhodes Scholar” compared to the rest of the lot of them-just kind of, well *blinked* as he heard that.

Dylan’s only response;


“The thing you said….it hurts our heads!” was the only thing that Belmont could think to say.

“Oh haha..fuck you! What’s wrong with her then?” Dylan countered.

Belmont’s eyes narrowed slightly as he cast a sideways glance at Dylan while also keeping an eye on the road. “Unlike some of the others in this car at the moment, *I* have met your ex’s, Dylan…”

The Hawaiian Bruiser rolled his eyes. “And?”

“Seriously dude, gonna cut down your corndog intake if you can’t feel what I’m saying.”

“Look, she wouldn’t look at me twice and besides, she might have the eyes for Davey-boy after he set her up with the Long Road match at the last pay per view. Besides, I’m still trying to help DJ figure out what the fuck is going on in NFW before we figure out what to do next.” Dylan countered.

Chris rolled his eyes as he pushed the conversation out of his head, sure he loved riding in this particular car because both Kyle and Belmont both had histories in this industry before he got started in it and both men also helped to train him back at the Apocalypse Academy wrestling school..but Dylan was right, now wasn’t the time to focus on anything else than the fight that was coming up ahead. Yes, he respected Marie and all of her accomplishments, but Chris needed to do something that would put his stamp on his time in SCW no matter what.

Maybe this was going to be it.

But still as that one thought kept repeating through his mind, an even bigger and much furious one kept slamming its way back to the forefront of his mind;

Braddock and Lohan getting the jump on him on the last edition of Breakdown.

Chris couldn’t help but let out a low growl as he thought about how they got the jump on him, tossed him around like he was a nobody…sure Braddock might be a second generation wrestler like he was but there was one key difference;

She was a Braddock, used to being spoiled and getting her way.

But he was a *DUMONT*...and he was a RIGHT *BASTARD*!

There had to be something to be done to get both jobs done in a singular night. Now all he had to do was figure out how to go about things so that he didn’t screw up everything him all in one go.

Meanwhile up in the front of the car, Dylan was enjoying himself as he did enjoy the arguments that he had with Belmont before his phone buzzed at him and he reached into a pocket to take a quick gander at the message.

D-Mav: Anything decided?
BOSS: Yes, keep Chris on target. As for the other item-the contracts are being worked on as we speak. Remember…stay on target!

With that Dylan gave a quiet little dark chuckle which brought a raised eyebrow from Belmont to which Dylan only gave a sly little smile in return as the car headed into the distance.

{The screen then static jumps and we find ourselves in a dark room, the sole occupant being the “Ronin” himself, Chris Dumont, and he is dressed in a pair of black jeans with a white sleeveless tank top that leaves his arms bare as he sits, hunched over in a chair, his hair covering his eyes}

Chris: You know ever since this match was announced, I’ve been racking my brain in trying to figure out why it’s happening because, that’s just who I am, I like to question things and try to make the answers fit into my world view because to be quite honest we do live in uncertain times and I like to make sure that my fortunes are certain.

But this, this feels like I’m being paid for services rendered even though I didn’t get the job done at the pay per view…and this may not even have anything to do with that match, but the results are still the same there;

Two little stupid bitches attacked me, beat me down, attacked friends of the Troupe, and I wasn’t able to get my hands on either one of them nor was I able to help my partner secure a shot at the World Tag Team titles..

So you can understand my confusion on some level at least, right Marie? To some extent you can understand the desire to be known as a steady hand and not because you’re somebody’s kid.

But I digress because in the long run, none of that matters come Breakdown because at the show, I’m going to capture the Supreme Championship Wrestling Television title on my first go. The “Phoenix” and the “Ronin” are going to have quite the war on this Thursday because while I understand that you have quite the problem defending that title after you’ve captured it…you might be fighting extra hot and heavy and hard to keep it away from me because I plan on making your first defense your last because I have something major to prove.

{Chris reaches up and pushes his hair up and out of his face, his dark eyes focused and determined as he looks at the camera}

Chris: You see Marie, I am your complete opposite in terms of ability, raw skill, and determination. I grew up in the locker rooms of the very promotions that my parents wrestled for, I watched as my parents grew into two of the hottest talents of their generation, I have sat under the learning trees of some of the most vile and destructive wrestlers of that last era that you have probably never heard about because they were from promotions where you had to not just bust your ass, but to also bleed buckets to prove your worth to some of the most savage and intelligent fans in the entire world.

I’m not trying to say that your mother was any different, Marie. What I am trying to say is that that was the world that helped to shape my views of this sport, of this industry because from day one-that was my entire world and the teachings that my father laid down before me the day that I told him that yes, I was serious about being a professional wrestler is what helped to shape my day to day time at both the Apocalypse Academy and now here, in Supreme Championship Wrestling. Two entirely separate worlds that at Breakdown, are going to have a collision unlike what you’ve ever had before because yes, while you are coming into Breakdown, feeling the pressure at having to prove that you are the "PHOENIX" and that you are the true workhorse of this company, at Breakdown you're going to learn first hand that this WARHORSE is going to run roughshod over the WORKHORSE because you've only got a fraction of things to prove to this company that I've got to prove because unlike a lot of people that have come and gone from this company such as Minerva and Reginald Dampshaw the Third to name a couple, I'm actually here to fucking BE *APART* of this great company and I'm going to be doing just that by beating you in my first ever title match.

And *WHEN* I beat you, Marie...not *IF* but *WHEN*, I want you to shake my hand and then I want you to declare yourself in the running for a title that should be much more your level in the SCW Championship itself!!

But I'm not going to kill you, Marie, and nor do I care that your prior history concerning title defenses and the TV title being in my favor in this match because you've already said it yourself in that I am going to have to quote "Kill You" in order for me to take that championship from you.

But if I might be as so bold or so frank but everything that I saw you do at Taking the Leap, Marie, and you're little comment about me needing to take things up ten notches because you will not accept mediocrity. Allow me to explain to you something simple.

A Dumont does not do anything half-assed.

You see my father made a very good living out of being a professional wrestler and he did so for years because he knew that one needed to be just as smart as they were talented and so, he made it his mission to know the ends and outs of each and every single opponent that he ever stepped into the ring against and from the Universal Wrestling Corporation to the Frontier Wrestling Alliance and then finally to Wrestleworld, he made it his mission to study everything on an opponent, find all of their ins and outs, and then when the time was right...he'd fucking TEAR THEM APART!!

Being a Dumont means that you don't deal in mediocrity, and yes if...*IF*...you beat me on Thursday, I will say "Oh well" but I won't finish that sentence with "At least I tried".


I will finish that sentence with "at least you *SURVIVED*", because when you have something that a Dumont wants, well then...that's that then. You might as well be waving a fucking tomahawk steak at me, Marie, because I'm fucking *STARVING* pure and simple, and I plan on enjoying the feast that will be my weekly SCW Television title defenses once I beat you for that strap...but hey, I won't be a complete bastard.

Because I respect you, Marie. At the start of the match when that bell rings, I'm going to shake your head and when the match is over, and if you beat me...then I will shake your hand again out of that same respect.

But I will say that I am very glad to see that fire burning through you, Marie. I am loving the confidence and the rage, and for that I am very thankful that I'm getting the full fury of the Phoenix at Breakdown...

...because it will take me less than a split second to take you out with the Code Zero and in the last two years, everyone who has doubted me in that ring has learned that I can hit that move from any direction and I can transition it out of any move. I mean fuck man, I can even hit a chain of Code Zeroes right into the Nightrider itself if I have to, Marie.

But I'd rather save that level of violence for someone who has put that kind of red into my ledger and you haven't Marie.

Two certain little bitches in Braddock and Lohan have...and they *WILL* get theirs soon enough. Oh, you can be certain of that because like my father, I do enjoy the long con…the kind of dark little game that makes you sit and wait until the right moment to ensure that the ends justify the means and Twisted and Sadistic won’t be leaving as the new tag team champions when their time comes up, I can promise you THAT!

But back to you, Marie. Understand fully that I fully expect to be burned alive by the full fury of your Phoenix-ness unleashed as you try to prevent me from fulfilling my desires, my wishes in becoming the next SCW TV champion, I fully expect you to come at me from every single direction at once in a dire hope that you can get that one lucky shot in that will take me the fuck out when in reality is that by the time that you think that you have that one move figured out, that your understanding of that one singular moment is the answer to everything to win the match…in that singular instant, you’re going to understand fully that I always change the questions and by the time that realization hits you…you’e staring up at the lights, the announcer declares me as the new champion. You’ll fight, you’ll fly, and you’ll burn…but in the end, I’m going to cut you down faster than you’ll be able to blink because you’re so full of fire and fury.

So I want you to bring everything that you have, Marie. I want to see every bit of the fire…I want to bath in it, I want to be consumed by it, because when everything is said and done I don’t want anyone to question who is the true workhorse now of this company.

And either way, I beat you or you beat me…I’m going to shake your head because this, my dear foe, is the measure of my respect for you. And you’ve earned that…but in the end, I’ve got to cut you down. For your own good.

See you at Breakdown.

{The screen then static jumps to black}

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