40 Person Taking Hold of the Flame Battle Royal
{NEHEMIA: Chapter Two}

It was in the middle of a field that Emma and I watched Hailey walk into the darkness, completely confused as to what her simple response of "Ok" meant to what we were proposing.  And it would take time for us to gain any insight as Hailey would continue to accompany me on business trips, but speak very little to either Emma or myself.  I could tell the whole situation was sitting heavily upon her shoulders, and admittedly, I understood her plight.  I could see things from her perspective.  I could respect them.  But the more she drew it out, it began to feel like the respect for our need for answers wasn't being reciprocated as much as our respect for her to think.

Emma and I, we talked many times about it.  We knew that we could voice our understanding and frustration to one another, and it wouldn't turn into any excess drama because neither of us like drama to begin with.  But we both knew Hailey and knew we simply had to let "Hailey be Hailey" in this situation for as long as we could...

And it almost reached a breaking point...

The frustration culminated when I received another note with a simple address and date on it.  It wasn't familiar.  It wasn't somewhere I knew.  Even after looking it up, it meant nothing to me, but I could recognize the handwriting as Jake's.  I told Emma about it, and we decided that this was the moment we had to make a decision of continue letting Hailey "cook," or finally turn up the heat and "bring her to temp" as fast as possible.  Emma insisted she had a feeling, and to not pressure Hailey, and per usual, she was right.

Just days before the date on the note, Hailey approached Emma and I and said she's willing to listen.  She's willing to consider everything.  She's not fully committed quite yet, but does see the bigger picture.  She just needs to feel the "feeling" herself, and she's willing to give it a chance and an open mind to happen.  And it was this admission that continued to make me believe in Emma as the person who would always be my guide in life, no matter what, and the person I will continue to always protect.

It was at this point I did reveal, to Hailey, the most recent communication from Jake Starr, and ask that she accompany us to wherever this is, and be an active participant, as he wanted to be sure she was included.  I emphasized his adamant feeling that she was as integral to the greater and bigger picture as I was, and Emma as well.  I made sure she realized this wasn't a "hostile takeover," but something they all had to serve their role, their piece in the puzzle, their cog in the wheel, in.  Emma did the same.  Emma emphasized her feelings on the situation to Hailey and asked she participate in whatever this was, or may represent.

It was also at this point we made it clear this wasn't something Hailey could dawdle on.  She would need to decide if she was in or out fairly quickly because of the impending date.  Surprisingly she was willing.  She was willing to do like those in the story of Nehemiah, and agreed to put forth the effort to rebuild and fortify, rather than stand back and balk at a chance to grow.  It surprised Emma and I both.  But it was an agreement that made us both feel like maybe, finally, we were on the path forward to something "new" and not just living a life of remembering what we did in the past, who we were in the past, or what led us to where we are in the current present.

And these next steps... They will be something...

Hailey, Emma, and Kirsten begin to approach the address left on the note, on the specified date, the trio begin to look upon a location that they do not realize is a legendary location in the lore of Jake Starr and The Brotherhood, at large.  It is an abandoned chapel, and one that, in the days of The Brotherhood, was notorious for the appearances of Gary Busey, and his "inspiration" for The Brotherhood's ability to fight the fight in what SCW brought to them.

Kirsten, in her multitude of research on SCW and Jake Starr, recognizes the location as she gets closer, and expects that they will be met with the same "inspiration."  It's a observation that, initially, has her disappointed as to why they're all there, assuming that this is just some kind of ploy to revamp the Social Misfits or The Brotherhood, in her name.  Emma can sense the reluctance in Kirsten to continue forward, but also senses the need for them to face whatever is beyond the threshold of the "famous chapel's" doorway.

Emma extends her hand behind Kirsten to nudge her forward with just enough pressure to "tell" her that they need to continue.

The trio make their way to the door, and open it and walk in.

The room, as it has always been in the past, is dark, with light shining upon the alter at the front, illuminating two people.  To Kirsten's surprise, neither of them are Gary Busey.  Instead it is Jake Starr and her one SCW confidant, Pro, standing at the head of the aisle.  Everyone's eyes widen, surprised to see Pro there, alongside Jake.  Jake is quick to grin, and welcome them all to the meeting.

Jake Starr: Welcome to you all... I am glad all three of you could make it, especially considering the last time we all came together in one locale.  I firstly want to speak for myself and my associate here in thanking you for your trust and willingness to meet us here, tonight...

So please... Come forward...

Kirsten looks to her left at Hailey, who looks a bit confused, and then to her rifht, where Emma simply shrugs indifferently, feeling the lack of negativity in the situation with her "powers."

After seeing both reactions she simply nods and begins to walk toward the pair at the front of the unofficial "Chapel of Busey."  Before reaching the front of the alter, Kirsten pauses and asks Hailey and Emma to hang back a few "rows" to let her handle the situation.  Hailey looks at Emma, as Kirsten did earlier for solace in the situation," and Emma nods, pausing their advancement toward the pair, but not before looking at each and stating her belief...

Kirsten Scott: Right now... This is my purpose... You both know it's time I take the lead, and that it is time that I step up as a leader of something bigger than all of us, and for the future...

Hailey quickly interjects.

Hailey Brooks: You're serious, right?

Emma quickly fires back, but in a whisper Kirsten, who had already taken several steps foward, is able to make out.

Emma Taylor: This is HER moment.  More so than "The One."  This is Kirsten's evolution...

Kirsten Scott: She's right... I need to lead this... I need to lead US... We were brought here for a REASON, and while I initially believed this to be some comical bullshit, seeing the two in front of us, tells me nobody is mocking our existence, but instead taking US seriously.  This is MY chance, OUR chance, to find out what this guy has up his sleeve, and why he chose us.  And the fact that we are standing here right now it says we want those answers as much as he wants to give them...

For the first time, Pro, having overheard Kirsten's response to Hailey and Emma's concerns and beliefs, speaks.

Pro: You all aren't here by any mistake of your own, or mistake at all... You're all here because you were supposed to be...

This is the moment when Kirsten fully focuses on the pair, and makes her way alone toward the two at the alter, but addressing Pro, surprisingly, rather than Jake, directly.

Kirsten Scott: You know... Since our paths crossed, since we went into battle together, I have considered us more than just "teammates."  I know you have a system in which you protect, but I believe in our respect for one another created a sense of friendship between you and I.  And now, now I am supposed to believe that you have sided with someone like Jake Starr to create a sense of trust and belief in US, that you weren't able to come to me alone with.  And while I acknowledge you two come from a realm of SCW lore that creates a knowledgebase we could thrive from, I wonder what this is about for my FAMILY?

You see... What stands behind me isn't just two human beings.  This is my family.  And what stands in front of me is two people who have a history in SCW and, to a degree, my career, that I want to grow.  So you see, there is a dichotomy here of what I should and shouldn't do.  Should I trust those in front of me?  Should I protect those behind me?  I stand here as someone who...

Emma steps forward and touches Kirsten on the back shoulder blade.

Emma Taylor: Stop doubting... Stop thinking... It's time for you to listen.  It's time for you to let down your guard for us, and let us protect you.  Hailey and I will not let you fail in your mind.  You will not fail in mine, either.  You need to trust in others, after what we have been through, to grow as the person I feel you want to be...

Kirsten takes a deep breath and continues her walk forward toward Jake and Pro.  Emma and Hailey freeze in their spot watching their leader approach the two, who represent a legacy of change, that Kirsten, as "The One," hopes to reproduce... As kirsten approaches the pair, she wastes no time speaking.

Kirsten Scott: Pro... I've always trusted you like you were someone I could call a friend.  Those behind me, they have trusted you as well.  So I walk up to you both, with you standing by his side, and after everything he has approached me about, with the intention that I am TRUSTING in YOU, Pro, together, along with my friends behind me.  Jake, I realize what you have said to me... But she and I have the history here... So Be thankful she is by your side...

Jake Starr: We wouldn't be here if she wasn't on board because I talked to her long before I talked to you...

Pro: He is right on that...

Kirsten Scott: So you two have been in some form of "cahoots?"

Jake Starr: No... No cahoots... I saw you, I saw her, I saw what needed to happen.  Pro offered a gateway to doing what needed to be done, having you be the workhorse.

Kirsten Scott: So I'm just your puppet?

Pro: Oh Jesus Christ, Kirsten... No... You're nobody's fucking puppet here, just like I'm not this dickhead's lackey.  I'm here because there are a ton of assholes around that you could be an absolute fucker about ruining the lives of.  And I won't lie, I know I'd enjoy watching it.  Even though I'm standing here in this stupid culty like setup, I'm here because something about you, I'll give credit to, I trust.  And I don't like it, but I am willing to help.  If this asshat beside me, however, decides to try and use me as some kind of "cog" in his game, I'm out.  But if he's real in what he's talking about, and real in creating something bigger and getting rid of the fucking trash, shit... It may be fun...

Kirsten is a bit perplexed.

Pro: ... Now don't get me wrong, we can all fucking leave and let him stand here in his comedy sanctuary all alone, like he basically would be anyway, and allow him to think about his "glory days" or maybe we all listen a bit?  If he doesn't sound like a fucking carny or cult leader, then maybe, just maybe, we can make shit hit the fan once and for all?

Kirsten looks back at Hailey and Emma.

Kirsten Scott: Listen, you two... I have trusted Pro like I've trusted you two.  You two have begun to trust her as well.  Now is a moment where, in my gut, it tells me we trust her as a unit, and if she is saying that means trusting Jake as well, we need to trust them as a unit... You two agree?

Emma smiles.

Emma Taylor: I know I speak for us both... We agree...

Pro: For fuck's sake, I would hope you would trust me...

Kirsten turns back.

Kirsten Scott: Just... Give me a second...

Kirsten turns back to Hailey.

Kirsten Scott: So do you agree?  Do you trust me?  Right now?  For real?  Are we really going to do this together, and are you back to being the person I trust?

Hailey Brooks: I trust your decisions... I don't know about them, but I trust you...

Pro: Aww, that's cute, she trusts me!

Hailey looks at Pro, and Pro back at Hailey.  Pro grins.  Hailey looks back at Kirsten who simply glares.

Hailey Brooks: ... I trust you... This is just a situation that's a bit different for me... But if anything goes cross, I will step up and take out ANYONE...

Hailey looks at Pro.

Hailey Brooks: ... And I mean anyone, who will be trying to ruin what we have.

Pro: Oh get over yourself I'm not here to fuck with your little "family..."

Kirsten shakes her head at the Hailey and Pro tension, but nods, and turns back around, and walks all the way toward Jake and Pro.  After looking at the two, she decides to show her loyalty and looks back at Hailey and motions for her to come flank her, showing solidarity.  This move brings a smile to Emma's face, something that both Jake and Pro see, and understand, knowing Emma's innocence to the overall situation.  Once Hailey is beside her best friend, Kirsten looks at Jake and simply nods.

Jake Starr: Kirsten, I came to you because I heard what you said from the very beginning of your career, and it took me from being someone who had pushed this industry to the side to someone who wanted to listen again.  You brought up points that, toward the end of my career, I echoed.  But I couldn't stand up and fight against.


It was beyond my time to "correct" the course.  I did so when I first entered SCW, and held on as long as my body would allow me.  But there came a point I just couldn't anymore.  And I bowed out, and left.  I left on my terms, and left in a way I felt would rid me of the urge to be around anything to do with SCW.  But then along comes this nobody, this greenhorn, this piss and vinegar filled woman, ready to upset the status quo.

Pro can't wait to interject.

Pro: You're too kind... Continue...

Jake sighs.

Jake Starr: And you have done nothing but throw a monkey wrench into everyone's plans for the same old shit in a place that, honestly, had become fairly stagnant, as I understand it.  And what I am wanting to propose is something, not contractual, not indebted, but simply offered because I see something in you that I wish I would have seen in myself.  I see a fire.  I see a passion.  I see the opportunity for YOU to be a catalyst who creates a group that transcends SCW as a whole.  A group that begins here.  Creates a nucleus.  Creates a foundation, and does something I have only seen done once, and that is grow to expand to other organizations, and become the most feared group, immersed in nothing but upsetting the apple cart and, well, pure fuckery...

Pro chimes in.

Pro: ... That's the part I liked...

Jake continues.

Jake Starr: But it has to begin somewhere.  It has to begin with that nucleus.  And what I offer to you is simply knowledge.  I offer to you what I can to help smooth out SOME, just SOME, of those rough edges, to make you more than just annoying to those who have their own plans.  Because you don't need to be a pure "wrestler" in this business.  You need to be you, and true to who you are, but you need to understand some of the things behind the scenes and maybe out there in the ring, that may help you in the future.

Jake looks at Hailey.

Jake Starr: ... It's why she needs to be involved as well.  She needs to realize that her role, supporting you everyday out there, comes at a risk, and comes with responsibilities.  This batshit crazy woman next to me is good enough to handle most of it on her own, but let's be real, she took a liking to you, Kirsten, that she doesn't take to many...

Again Pro interceded.

Pro: More like ANYONE...

Jake ignores her and continues.

Jake Starr: ... And she saw what I saw.  So when I called her up and she asked me why the fuck I even had her phone number...

Pro: ... Which is still a fucking concern...

Jake Starr: ... I simply told her that we had a common interest in someone who could help us both see some carnage being caused in SCW and beyond.  And it was then she got all giddy and loved me...

Pro rolls her eyes, and Jake smirks.

Pro: I don't like you, you know that right?

Jake Starr: Eh... We define like differently...

Pro: No... We don't, asshole...

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: Can't you feel the love in the air?  Now back to the reason we are here... And no, Gary Busey isn't going to come out and inspire you.  But we are all here for a reason.  We all like things to be on edge.  We all like the world to be in disarray from the status quo, and there to be an avenue for new blood to be injected into the system.  I'm offering one simple thing... My knowledge.  No expectations.  No charge.  You brought me back into a world where I wanted to leave, and I want to be sure I do what I can to make sure I pass on everything I can to a new generation.  And Pro, whether she likes to admit it or not, as she and I have had our battles before, she sees what I see.  She sees someone who can create a clusterfuck of a world that she and I both fought for back in the annals of SCW history.  So she and I may not see eye to eye...

Pro interrupts.

Pro: And we don't...

Jake Starr: Because you're shorter... But I digress...

Pro rolls her eyes.

Jake Starr: ... ANYWAY... She and I may not agree on everything, but we agree that you represent something special, and if handled right, if given the right advice, if mentored by multiple avenues in ways that may seem contradictory at times, could become something far greater, far superior, and far more reaching than either of us could be.  But it would take everyone learning.  Everyone has to buy in.  This isn't indentured servitude.  We are not your "bosses."  We are simply here to offer advice.  We are here to offer you the tools that can make you something BIGGER.

Pro: Like Blue Chew for his cock!

Jake sighs and rubs his eyes, before continuing.  Pro simply chuckles.

Jake Starr: Whatever... We are here to give you the chance to grow.  Not just be the, completely green, completely winging it, completely trial by fire, type of person you are.  We are offering a way to make you and YOUR goal bigger because no matter how much shit this broad beside me talks, she once had the same mentality as I did, and as you do.  It's why the two of you began to do something that neither wanted to do, and that's trust one another.

And to wrap this up... You don't have to decide now.  You don't have a timeline.  But I will tell you this... You will see signs, going forward, that begin to make you realize this is something happening around you, and making it difficult to avoid.  You will begin to understand that there is a bigger world, an uncomfortable world, kind of like Pro and I standing here beside one another, that is going to begin to create the foundation for what you want.  And if you truly want it, you will help lay that groundwork.  You won't hide from it.  You won't shy away.  You can doubt it, but you won't avoid it.  You'll confront it, and you'll do the one thing you've never done in your wrestling career... You'll create a tsunami the side of Everest, with your decisions...

With those words, Kirsten stands there in silence.  Pro shrugs her shoulders with indifference to the situation, and Kirsten is confused as to what all of the cryptic language actually means.  She finally realizes there is no room for a finite answer and simply nods at both before turning and making a quick exit out of the church, being quickly flanked by Hailey, and Emma confused, but waving at both Pro and Jake before running to catch up behind them.

Pro and Jake just look at each other with Jake shrugging and Pro rolling her eyes before walking away, leaving Jake alone.
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