Chance Owens update
The following statement was issued on behalf of Chance Owens.

-Denver, Colorado

SCW fans have been speculating about the recent prolonged absence of second-year wrestler Chance Owens, not having been informed of any injuries or personal leave. The silence was shattered today by the emergence of a written statement from one Dr. Meena Pradesh.

"Hello. My name is Dr. Pradesh, and I am the personal physician of Chance Owens and his brother Leo. It has come to my attention that nobody has given the SCW fans an update on Chance's whereabouts. I will give you that update.

Due to his chronic sleeping issues, I have unfortunately been forced to rescind his medical clearance. Chance is currently not able to wrestle and will not be cleared until we figure out the cause and make sure it is no longer a problem for him.

I apologize to you, the SCW faithful and anyone who is a fan of Chance Owens... This was not something I wanted to do, nor is it something I take lightly. But it is something I had to do out of concern for his well-being. I or one of Chance's close friends will make a statement if anything changes, whether the change is good or bad. Again, I apologize and wish I had been more aware of his status within the company so I could have made this statement sooner. Thank you for your understanding of this matter... And if you believe in healing vibes or positive energy, please feel free to send some his way.

Meena Pradesh, MD"
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