The Shining Maidens (of SCW)
Team Name: The Shining Maidens (of SCW)
Members: YUYO, NEMO, SAWA (Interchangeable "Freebird" Style Team)
Alignment: Faces
Gimmick/Personality: Here it is, what we have feared. Idols of Joshi has invaded the Western World of Professional Wrestling, led by its eccentric leader, YUYO. YUYO has pressed her childhood friend (NEMO aka Neko Mori) and her number one fan into service (SAWA aka Sakura Watanabe).  Neko Mori is a very loudmouth, hyperactive, annoyingly confident individual. Sakura Watanabe is the opposite of Neko, shy, reserved, and nervous. Hell, SAWA doesn’t even like hitting her opponents, feeling sorry for whatever pain she inflicts on her opponents, but as her fellow comrades yell at her, she abides and resorts to violence reluctantly.

They like to flip the bird. They like to do pelvic thrusts and chops. They are running wild all that is sacred in professional wrestling, earning themselves a cultlike following of young impressible girls and lolicon neckbeards.

[Image: yuyoshrineicon.png]

Name:  “Magical Cosmic Princess” YUYO (Yumi Yoshida)
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 105 lbs.
Age: 23 (2/11/2001)
Birth Place: Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
Current Residence: San Diego, CA, USA
Picture Base: Tam Nakano
Alignment: Face
Wrestling Style: Highflying/Striker

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[Image: NEMO.png]

Name: “Crimson Demonic Princess” NEMO (Neko Mori)
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 145 lbs.
Age: 23 (3/23/2001)
Birth Place: Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
Current Residence: San Deigo, CA, USA
Picture Base: Maika
Alignment: Face
Wrestling Style: Brawler/Hardcore

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[Image: SAWA.png]

Name: “Radiant Angelic Princess” SAWA (Sakura Watanabe)
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Age: 22 (1/1/2002)
Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
Current Residence: San Diego, CA, USA
Picture Base: Arisa Shinose
Alignment: Super Face
Wrestling Style: Highflying/Technical

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Entrance Music: “No Pain No Game” by AmaLee
Tag Team Entrance:

Radio static fizzes over the load speakers. A male voice, thickly accented, call out in monotone.


A Fortune Cat appears on the screen, the arm waving as a short countdown begins: 3… 2… 1… And everything goes crazy, pink and yellow strobe lights shine out onto the crowd and stage, streamers explode from around the entrance curtains. The opening riffs of AmaLee’s cover of “No Pain No Game” from the anime Btooom! Play:

The ending of this story
I will hold it close as I wonder so aimlessly
Into this new world
(The game has only just begun)
I can see it in your eyes
This is where tomorrow brings a new game
It’s time to learn that pain is gain
Ready fight!

YUYO pops out and rolls forward, she poses. Behind her, Neko and Sakura runs out. All three pose at the top of the ramp, Neko and Sakura placing the backs of their hands under their chin while YUYO raises her arm up. They suddenly break formation, Neko and Sakura runs to opposite corners of the ramp.

I gotta crush and paint away the anguish
Of my past for sake of my future
Until my life comes to an end
I am gonna fight to tear apart that destiny

All three execute timed pelvic thrusts with chops. Meowkazawa steps out behind the three grls and claps his hands together.  The Shining Maidens begin to goose march in a straight line down the ramp. Again, Sakura goes right, Neko goes left while YUYO hops up onto the apron in an amazing leap. While her compatriots roll in underneath the bottom ropes, YUYO grabs the top rope and flips over.

Aah, break out and start a revolution
Until you find the answer you’re looking for
I’ll challenge all my limits
Knowing this could be my only chance now
To overcome this fate has come over me
The ending of this story
I will hold it close as I wonder so aimlessly
Into this new world
The game has only just begun
I can see it in your eyes

YUYO drops down to her knee, and all three pose again, with finger guns held to the side of their heads like Charlie Angels. They discard their entrance attire, whatever whack unnecessary, restraining pieces of cosplay they have on that week. Meowkazawa collect their stuff while still applauding.

Triple Team Finishers:
[1]Kick-Kick-Revolution – All three women shout, “KICK-KICK!”(Crowd goes “REVOLUTION!”) before launching forward onto a poor soul with Triple Superkicks, with each member assuming a different attack angle, sandwiching the victim’s head violently between the superkicks.
[2] Spirit Bomb *RARE*: If they have complete control in a match, an isolated victim. They gather in the corner. NEMO lowers herself as SAWA mounts her shoulders. YUYO mounts SAWA’s shoulders, using the turnbuckle for assistance. The wobbly tower ventures forward a few steps towards the victim. YUYO starts, rolling forward for a flipping senton onto the victim, bouncing off as SAWA mimics, and then finally, NEMO finishes the triple attack with a senton of her own.

Triple Team Signature Moves:
[1] GIGA-DRILL-BREAK: With a downed opponent, SAWA and NEMO lift them, one by the legs and the other by an inverted facelock. While this is happening, YUYO steps out onto the apron, shouts out “FINISHING MOVE!”, and points towards the ceiling to get a pop before leaping in with a springboard double foot stomp onto the stretched-out body of the victim.
[2] Moon Tiara Magic!: NEMO drills a toe kick to an opponent; she shouts “GO!” in a war cry before she drops to her hands and knees while YUYO and NEMO position themselves on either side of the staggering victim. Whoever in front, leaps off the back of NEMO for a jumping knee strike to the face, while the person in the back strikes with the enzuguri.
[3] VICTORY-MARCH: The Shining Maiden sounds off, YUYO “1”, NEMO “2”, SAWA “3!”. All three sounds off: “TUTURU” (, getting a pop from the crowd for they know what’s coming next. NEMO and SAWA double irish whips, releasing the opponent while YUYO comes in with a running knee strike to the face, leaving the victim utterly defense and moving forward with momentum.

Common Triple Team Moves:
[1] Stereo Suicide Dives to three opponents on the outside.
[2] Stereo Superkicks to three opponents in the ring.
[3] Spinebuster/Leg Lariat/Lungblower: SAWA or NEMO (Rarely YUYO) lifts the opponent up while the other two maidens go in opposite directions. They both rebound and converge, connecting with a leg lariat over the shoulder of the lifter and the other with the lungblower to the back of the victim.
[4] Double Spinebuster/Running Neckbreaker: While two Maidens lift their opponents up after whipping them into the ropes, as they bring forward the opponent for a spinebuster, the third runs across, grabbing the back of the head for a neckbreaker.
[5] Electric Chair/Double Diving Clothesline: While either SAWA or NEMO seats their amount in the electric chair, the other two climb up onto the top rope together. They take a moment to hug each other, then holding hands, they dive off to clothesline the opponent off the third’s shoulders.

Double Team Finishers:
[1] M-A-G-I-C-A-L KNEES:  With a downed opponent, both members stare at each other. They moonwalk backward to different corners (adjacent to each other and before the opponent). They stomp, and they, along with the fans, spell out M-A-G-I-C-A-L before waving their hands. When the moment’s right, they run forward to converge on the opponent, both striking with bicycle knees.
[2] Dance-Dance-Mania: One Maiden jumps into the opponent for a wheelbarrow. Reaching top altitude, they clap their hands before throwing their weight forward, rolling through their opponent’s legs, and tossing their opponent forward. While this gets set up, the other is dancing in place close by. Seeing it’s time to act, they clap, run forward, and catch the falling opponent with a running cutter.
[3] The Holy Conjunction:  With one maiden crosses the opponent's arm from behind, bringing them down for a Straight Jacket Backbreaker stretch, and the other climbs to the top rope. The Maiden on the top rope extends her fingers out, touches tips together, and yells out “FOR LOVE” before leaping off with a frogsplash, crashing down onto the opponent, sandwiching them between the double knees to the spine and the impact to the chest.

Signature Moves:
[1]  Intergalactic, Planetary: This typically happens as a counter; one Maiden is being whipped into the ropes, and on the rebound, they counter their opponent, slipping into an octopus hold, with one leg cranking the opponent’s forward and the far arm being yanked back. The other Maiden runs forward to the now vulnerable opponent with a double knee facebuster.
[2]  Funky Monkey: Discus Elbow Strike/Legsweep Combination
[3]  Magical Girls Gone Wild: While one maiden runs into the opponent, leaning in the corner, and does a monkey flip, the other is chopping their legs while pelvic thrusting. As the opponent is thrown into the air, they catch their opponent for a sit-out facebuster.

Common Tag Team Moves
[1] Russian Legsweep/Clothesline Combination
[2] Double Cutter
[3] Double DDT
[4] Boston Crab/Springboard Legdrop
[5] Drop Toehold/Baseball Slide Dropkick
[6] Double Single Leg Boston Crab
[7] Double Superkick
[8] Stereo Superkick
[9] Stereo Suicide Dives

Tag Team Biography:
By now, we all know about The Magical Cosmic Princess YUYO and her success in the Joshi wrestling promotion QUEENDOM and EMERGE (earlier in her career). We already have seen her tendency to collect weirdos and misfits to join her merry party as he goes forward. Bad news: containment has been breached, YUYO has brought forth two... err... one more Magical Girl (NEMO) and a Magical Girl Apprentice (SAWA). A Japanese Idol Band has finally invaded SCW, we're all doomed.

YUYO is the only real experienced veteran of the group, she has been wrestling since she was a child. Maybe to the surprise of her cult following, in real life, YUYO is a bully, and she bullies her friends and conscripts them into her delusional adventures. Now, NEMO is her childhood friend and playmate, and maybe a brief Yuri fling a few years back. NEMO is rabidly loyal to YUYO, and was more than willing to join the sport to be with her best friend. SAWA, on the other hand, was a complete stranger to YUYO, who approached SAWA after one of the shows, asked for an autograph, and explained that she is the president of the YUYO Intergalactic Fan Club (and the only member). YUYO captured that Pokemon, hadn't let her out of her sight, and anointed her as her apprentice.

Now imagine these short, tiny, young Japanese girls running amuck. Scary thought huh? Combined with their tendency to dance, perform chopping motions with pelvic thrusts, and flip the bird off randomly, you have the Shining Maidens of SCW. Basically, YUYO is the leader, Neko Mori is the cronnie, and the poor, innocent Sakura Watanabe is trapped as a captive of YUYO's imagination. Together, they seek to conquer SCW.
[Image: theshiningmaidens.png]
The Shining Maidens (of SCW)

Tag Team Record: 00-00-00
NEMO Record: 00-00-00
SAWA Record: 00-00-00

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