Amelia Blythe vs. Veronica Strader
2 RP Limit for singles

3500 word max per RP

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET Thursday, May 23, 2024
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I love AJ Allmendinger.
It was good to be home.

Not only could Amelia and Luz agree on that sentiment, but Amelia hoped she'd be able to believe that again in a little over two weeks' time.

Breakdown had ended for the night, and The Light In The Darkness couldn't help but be mostly happy about how tonight had gone. Luz had scored a clean victory over Cara Strader in a match that proved the Cowgirls From Hell could, in fact, do things the right way and were willing to forge a respect with the reigning World Tag Team Champions. That alone had the couple in a good mood and willing to give the Straders the benefit of the doubt once this whole mess surrounding Twisted & Sadistic was in the rear view mirror. Add in the fact that tonight had been mostly free of chaotic brawls within the tag division, and tonight had felt like the first bright spot they'd truly had since returning to the top of the mountain.

The only thing keeping tonight from being truly perfect was the fact that Brittany had been attacked by the Dangerous Minds during her fourway match, but the champions weren't going to just stand out there and play security guard in case something did happen, especially when things had been relatively peaceful throughout the night. Besides... Brittany had literally asked for it, so they felt it was only right that she got what she asked for while they were busy with a relaxing post-match shower in Luz's case and learning of next week's plans in Amelia's case.

They had to remind themselves on the way home that their careers weren't handcuffed to Twisted & Sadistic, and Brittany wasn't hurt so bad that a week off wouldn't help make sure she was ready to go when Taking Hold of the Flame rolled around.

As the couple made the drive back to their home in Anaheim, Amelia couldn't help but let her mind wander while Luz was busy texting with somebody. She knew that next week's Breakdown in Montreal would see the positions flipped and she would be the one in singles action this time against Veronica Strader, and it was easy to bet that Veronica was going to be hellbent on evening the score between the two teams after Luz's victory over Cara tonight. After that, however, was Taking Hold of the Flame... which would be in London, England. That thought shouldn't have brought as much anxiety as it did, considering England was her birth country and she'd established herself there so thoroughly even outside her family name that those fans would love and support her even without the real hometown girl Glory as one of her partners on that night.

That said... she hadn't been to the UK since Caleb had been arrested and The Empire had seemingly fallen. While she knew in the back of her head that fans who were familiar with the group were certainly glad they were gone, she also knew that Caleb was a native of the country and England had been where The Empire had first formed around him, opening the door for any potential remnants to possibly strike while they were there, seeking revenge for Caleb's downfall. Perhaps just as terrifying, however, was the thought that being back on her home soil would be an invitation for her parents to try something. Sure, they had been jumping through every legal loophole their scummy lawyer could find to keep them out of jail for their own involvement with The Empire, but given that Amelia had been thwarting every plan they'd concocted to try and get her back under their thumbs, she worried that letting her guard down and assuming they wouldn't try anything because of the other issues they should be focusing on would invite-

“¿Estás bien, querida?” Luz had suddenly asked, interrupting Amelia's slowly derailing train of thought.

“S-Sorry...” Amelia mumbled as she quickly shook her head. “I just... I started thinking, and I didn't want to bother you...”

“You're never a bother, princesa,” Luz gently but firmly stated as she reached over and rested her hand over one of Amelia's on the steering wheel. After a moment, Amelia allowed the hand to let go so Luz could intertwine their fingers and use her thumb to rub circles into the back of it, which helped in calming her down. “I was just texting V to see who all following us back home was looking to stay the night. Long story short: looks like all our guest rooms are going to be in use.”

Amelia couldn't help but chuckle, grateful for the brief change in topics to help her relax and gather her thoughts for what she knew would follow. It was never an easy process, even after all these years and everything she'd endured, but she knew her wife-to-be would never judge her for it and genuinely wanted to help.

“Soooooo... penny for your thoughts?” Luz softly asked.

“I was just thinking about Taking Hold of the Flame,” Amelia finally admitted. “I know I'm getting the chance to compete in front of my home country under the SCW banner and I'm incredibly grateful... but... you know who's probably going to be wanting to see us while we're there.”

Luz sighed before raising Amelia's hand to plant a gentle kiss on the back of it. “I know... I'd be lying if I said the thought hadn't crossed my mind as well. I'd have hoped by now they would've gotten the message and left you alone, but your mom and dad's obsession with a wrestling family legacy might be one of the most unhealthy things I've ever seen. I mean, they made you cut ties with your best friend by blackmailing you on your 7th birthday, they trained you mercilessly before you were even 18 to the degree that they should be in jail for that alone, they pitted you and your siblings against one another and destroyed that relationship just because they have no idea how to raise children-”

“Hermosa,” Amelia cut in, showing off a fraction of her wrestling technique by effortlessly reversing who was holding who's hand between her and Luz, which quickly got her attention. The gentle smile Amelia was giving her as she repeated Luz's ministrations had Luz blushing like crazy beneath her mask at how quickly she'd lost herself. “I'm incredibly thankful that you saved me for all of that, and the fact that you're so willing to go on a passionate rant about it is proof that you care more for me than they ever did. Believe me when I say I'm not happy about that thought, but it's a bridge we're going to have to cross if and when it happens... same with any Empire members who might try anything while we're there since we took away their 'Emperor' or whatever Caleb fancied himself as to those nutjobs.”

“Maybe we can talk with the others and see who's all willing and able to come with us, just in case,” Luz noted. “Even if not for your parents or The Empire's remnants, but that other creep who wants to bother us.”

Amelia sighed, having almost forgotten about Jacob Harrison, the conspiracy theorist running the 'True Hero Wrestling Reporter' YouTube channel who they'd already had one run-in with and who seemed to have developed an obsession with 'exposing' them... for not actually being themselves, but rather, doppelgangers working for The Empire to lay the groundwork for Caleb being sprung from prison. At least, that was the best estimation they had gotten out of his crazy ramblings he'd posted after he had, somehow, been released from prison in Saitama. Gage had been able to dig up that someone had apparently paid for his bail, but couldn't find any sign of who had the money and influence to be able to make that happen given a significant cultural taboo had been committed to put him behind bars in the first place. Just as unnerving at this point was the fact that Jacob's video ranting about the onsen encounter and his wild theories was still the most recent thing he'd posted, leaving a gap of a couple of days at the very least now where he'd been silent.

Amelia wanted to hope that the lunatic hadn't been able to catch a flight out of Saitama after what he'd done and that was why he'd been radio silent, but she wasn't one for getting her hopes up. Considering everything she'd endured under her parents' wings and still had to contend with to this day, she knew full well that nothing was ever truly over until you made absolutely sure of it. That alone was why she and Luz hadn't completely written off The Empire as a threat yet despite them having seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth after Caleb's arrest.

“Hopefully our time in Montreal is at least peaceful,” Amelia said, mostly to herself, but Luz definitely heard it.

“We'll find a way to make it so,” she grinned to her fiancée. “And it starts with your match... you were saying before tonight's Breakdown about how you wished you'd gotten the singles nod, and now you have that chance to make your parents see just how far you've come without them. Just like I did with Cara tonight, you get to show Veronica what your legacy is all about next week.”

“I think you mean our legacy, honey,” Amelia grinned. “We built all of this together, after all, and we're always pushing each other to greater and greater heights. I definitely wouldn't even be where I am right now without you, and you know it.”

She punctuated that point with a wink that had Luz melting into a sputtering, flustered mess. As amusing as it was to playfully tease her future wife, though, she hadn't been lying. Without Luz tearing down every wall she was made to put up around herself, she'd likely be considered arguably the greatest wrestler walking the Earth today, bar none, with so many more accolades to her name... but none of it would truly be hers. Every last one would simply be another symbol of the Blythe family's supposed perfection as a wrestling family, another step away from being a person and closer to being a machine who only did as she was told without question. She owed everything to Luz, and every accomplishment she had to her name now was just as much theirs as it was hers... actually hers. She could truly be proud of the woman she saw whenever she looked in the mirror, she could take every setback in stride and use it as a learning experience as opposed to beating herself up as much as she'd be berated for her 'weaknesses.'

Her flaws made her human, they gave her life purpose... this is the path she chose for herself, but she would have never known that path existed had she never crossed paths with La Pequeña Luz.

That mental reminder had Amelia smiling as she and Luz pulled into the driveway of their home, followed by a few other cars that contained the rest of their little found family. Schedules had lined up so they could all come to Los Angeles and see Luz in action, and the couple had hopes that they'd all be able to stick together for a little bit of traveling after tonight so Amelia could also have that same support... not to mention the extra precautions given the lingering threats still out there.

“Man, it is going to be nice getting to crash at this place for the night,” Marilyn laughed, stretching out after she exited the car she'd been riding in.

“We have the money to upgrade our living conditions, Marilyn,” Lily said to her sister in clear annoyance, which Marilyn responded to by sticking out her tongue.

“Are they always like this?” Valentina couldn't help but ask Avery, who just sighed and nodded, but it was clear they couldn't help but be amused by it all the same.

“Pretty sure that's how siblings work if mine are any indication,” Amelia told her as she pointed with her thumb over to Edward and Emily, who seemed to be messing with Ivy, Gage and Henry but making it clear they were just goofing around.

“Yeah, we'll have to find time to have some moments like that too, sis,” Luz grinned as she pulled her adopted sibling into a headlock, which got the two of them laughing as Valentina managed to slip free and just about started play-wrestling with Luz until Camila cleared her throat to make them stop.

“No roughhousing, you two,” she scolded her daughters. “Luz is probably still worn out from her match tonight. Great job by the way, mija.”

Luz was beaming as she thanked her mom, and Amelia couldn't help but smile at the sight. She remembered all the years they'd known each other now and how for most of them, the mere thought of Luz wrestling would've had Camila on the warpath to try and put a stop to it. It warmed her heart to know that the long overdue talk the two had around this time last year had gone a long way in healing the wounds left behind by the passing of El Espíritu Angélico... that feeling, however, also carried with it an ache from the doubt of her own parents ever wanting to do the same. As much as she loved and accepted this unconventional little family she had around her now, it still hurt deep down to know that she would likely never know this kind of love from the two people who actually brought her into this world in the first place.

“So... this is what it's like to have people care about you, huh?”

Amelia snapped out of it and turned her head to see Henry timidly standing by her side. She wanted to guess that he still felt a little uncomfortable around her specifically, given that they were supposed to be husband and wife according to the machinations of his uncle and her parents, but she couldn't hold that against him knowing what she knew now.

“Something like that,” she finally responded, flashing him a comforting smile that seemed to put him at ease if the content sigh he released was any indication.

“How long did it take you to get used to that feeling?” he asked.

“Honestly?” Amelia took a moment to think about it. “I don't know if I ever did. Even now, I'm still afraid that I'll wake up one morning and find out that the past several years of my life were just one big dream, and I'll find myself back at my parents' mercy. But I try to take it all one day at a time and remind myself that these are all people who deeply care about me, just as I care about them. It doesn't matter if we're not all actually related... this, right here, is what a family should be.”

Henry's eyes went wide as he took a moment to let that sink in, and Amelia couldn't help but feel for him. Considering Caleb had murdered his parents, one of which was his own brother, when Henry was still just a baby and then 'raised' the kid from there, he'd easily had it far worse than she did. And yet, she was more than happy to be there for him and help him come to terms with all of it, just as Luz had done for her and would help her in this endeavor as well.

“Hey, Luz? Amelia?” Valentina suddenly cut in just as Henry opened his mouth to respond, drawing all eyes to her. “Did you guys leave any of the lights on before driving out to the arena?”

“No... why?” Luz had replied, and as Valentina pointed towards the couple's home, she and Amelia went pale at the sight of what looked like several lights inside the house having been turned on, the curtains doing a poor job of trying to hide this fact through the windows.

“What the...?” Amelia said as she started to head towards the front door.

“Wait!” Henry cut her off on both fronts as he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back. She glanced at him in confusion until he pointed down at something that no one had managed to notice before with how dark it was outside right now. Beneath the large tree that sat in their front yard was a pile of leaves that looked like it was hastily put there, and it was doing a very poor job of hiding a crudely-made snare trap. And yet, Amelia had almost stepped right into it, drawing attention to its existence.

“You guys trying to hunt for something and forget about it?” Marilyn asked.

“We didn't put this here!” Luz exclaimed, and Amelia turned her gaze towards her siblings.

“Wasn't us!” Edward quickly replied while waving his hands in innocence.

“This is too cruel even by our pranking standards!” Emily added. “Besides, we haven't been over here until now to even consider setting anything up.”

“Then who...?” Amelia started to ask.

She would get her answer almost immediately as the lights in the house were quickly flipped off and the front door opened, and a familiar figure could be seen carefully backing out before trying to re-lock the door.

“I've got them this time!” The familiar grating voice of the YouTube conspiracy theorist cackled. “My next video is definitely going to smash every YouTube record and finally earn me enough subscribers to get that gold play button! Oh, those phonies are so-”

Jacob trailed off as he turned around and found several pairs of eyes all glaring at him, with Luz and Amelia at the forefront of it all. The sight of several of their belongings, most prominent being some of Luz's masks and several of the replica championship belts that they used as trophies of their accomplishments over the years stuffed into a backpack he was cradling in his arms only infuriated them more as they started to move towards him, backed by everyone else. Before they got too close, however, Avery had surprisingly maneuvered in front of the group and held their arms out to stop the advance.

“I've got this. It's part of my job, after all,” they stated, and as much as the couple wanted to ignore them and rip this guy limb from limb, they acquiesced. After all, they both knew that any trouble they may get into, even if they were justified, would get back to SCW management and that was a whole can of worms they didn't want to even think of opening, especially if it fed into the conspiracies guys like this were trying to spread around about them.

“What are you talking about?” Jacob asked in confusion, clutching his stolen goods to his chest like his life depended on it.

“Special Agent Avery Raine, FBI,” Avery stated in a rarely-used authoritative tone, pulling their badge out of their pocket and flashing it as Jacob's eyes went as wide as dinner plates.

“Wait... you're here to help me expose and arrest those fakers, aren't you!?” Jacob yelled as he pointed to Luz and Amelia, the sudden excitement in his voice at that prospect almost making the couple want to puke.

“Not exactly,” Avery growled as they carefully approached the man. “Right now I've got you on charges of trespassing, breaking and entering, theft-”

“No! Don't tell me they've poisoned the feds as well! They were my last hope!” Jacob suddenly whined before he turned and booked it, and Avery only let out an irritated sigh before chasing after him. Everyone watched as the creep barely made it to the end of the street before Avery tackled him to the ground and began cuffing him, hearing his crazed yelling echo in the night as he tried in vain to squirm free.

Amelia and Luz could only exchange concerned glances, disgusted and afraid now that this deranged scumbag had violated their privacy twice in the span of a month. He may seem like nothing more than a nuisance in the grand scheme of things, but this did not bolster their confidence regarding their own safety if anything regarding The Empire did start to resurface. After all, if a conspiracy theorist hungry for a truth that did not exist was able to get this close to them on multiple occasions, then how easy would it be for a group that was still very much out there and had more malicious intentions in mind?

In their struggle to sleep that night, Amelia silently prayed she would never know the answer to that question and she and Luz could just have the peace they'd rightfully earned at long last.
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Tag Team Record: 19-7*
La Pequeña Luz Solo Record: 9-5
Amelia Blythe Solo Record: 5-5-1

*The tag team turmoil on the 9/14/2023 Breakdown is counted in this record as the three separate matches LITD had in the gauntlet up until their elimination.

Breakdown 3/30/2023 - Kim Williams' Trios Cash-In
La Pequeña Luz: 3 Falls
Amelia Blythe: 2 Falls
*Neither one finished high enough to win any championships in this match
*Result listed separately and not counted in records due to lack of clarity on how to count falls

SCW Accomplishments
SCW Television Championship (Amelia Blythe - 29 Days)
SCW Television Championship (La Pequeña Luz - 98 Days)
SCW World Tag Team Championship [2] (1 - 81 Days) (2 - Current)
2023 Tag Team of the Year
2023 Match of the Year (Kim Williams' Trios Cash-In)

OOC: My Apologies to LITD overall. Work kicked my ass the last two weeks and I haven't been able to give you the full treatment you two have rightfully earned but I promise you the PPV will be different. I look forward to dancing with all the teams involved. Great work to both handlers of LITD!
At the heart of Montreal stands Mount Royal Park, a key feature of the city's economic, civic and cultural development. Sporting several hiking trails, the man-made Beaver Lake, a summit that not only offers a breathtaking view of the city but also has become a go-to destination for eager suitors to drop to one knee and pop the question, the park and “the mountain” (as the locals refer to it) stands as a symbol of the city's history and heritage, inspiring visitors with its legendary beauty and living testament to the power of nature.

There are many couples that are out and about on this particular sunny day, but the one we're focused on isn't up at the summit enjoying the admittedly romantic view. Instead, they're emerging from a jog along one of the hiking trails and heading towards the water, an intense focus on their gazes. Amelia Blythe and La Pequeña Luz don't seem to mind the gazes from people as they jog past, although they do smile and nod in acknowledgment of the occasional cheer and call of support from any SCW fans who happen to recognize them, almost feeling energized by the support. The closer they get to the man-made basin, the more their pace seems to pick up as they ultimately break into a full-on sprint before sliding to a stop by the water's edge, laughing between the breaths they take as we see some of their friends pass them water and towels to cool down. It's as they're catching their breath that the couple notice us, and in response they turn to each other and have a brief conversation before exchanging a soft kiss as Amelia steps forward, with Luz ushering their friends out of the shot in the background to let her fiancée work. Amelia takes one more deep breath as she tosses the water bottle over to one of them before stretching out a tiny bit, making sure she's good and ready.

“Bonjour, everyone! I apologize if this isn't the kind of state you were expecting me to be doing this in, but I'd like to hope that Luz and I have made it clear several times over by now that we're never ones to start slowing down just because we're champions. Every week presents itself with a new opportunity for us to keep pushing ourselves, seeking greater challenges to improve and ensuring that the next time time the bell rings, we're even better than we were the match before. Ever since Luz and I first met, we're both shared in that mindset regardless of what the next challenge looks like. We inspire one another, push each other beyond our limits, and look out for one another to make sure we don't push so hard that we break.

That mentality is why we are two-time SCW World Tag Team Champions, why we are each former Television Champions. It's that desire to keep pushing forward and getting better that ultimately keeps us from succumbing to the chaos and fighting these battles on our terms, the terms that we feel matters should be settled by.

Luz talked about it a bit last week leading up to her match, about how as the champions we hold the responsibility of leading by example. Perhaps most who see the position we're in would assume that means simply winning and asserting dominance, but that's the perception that many champions in the business at large want you to embrace. This idea of dominating the competition because you're at the very top and you want to make it clear that no one can dethrone you because they simply aren't good enough... once upon a time, I might've been a part of that camp, but that's not who Amelia Blythe truly is, who I want to be. If I'm going to lead by example, that doesn't mean standing above the chaos and watching it unfold, that means throwing myself right in the middle of it to make it clear that's not how we want things to be done. That means being willing to step into that ring no matter the situation and give my opponent nothing less than my absolute best. And if I don't happen to win that match? That's alright... I would be willing to accept defeat if it not only means I have mistakes to learn from so that I CAN keep improving for the next time around, but also that I made my opponent earn that win because they truly were the better wrestler on that night.”

Amelia's head lowers for a moment, her smile and focus fading as she seems to think about something. In a mirror of last week, we pan over a bit as Luz approaches her partner and gently takes her hand, her thumb rubbing circles into the back of it to keep her grounded. Amelia glances over that ever-brilliant smile and nods her head in thanks, reaching up with her free hand to actually wipe away tears that seemed to be forming in her eyes. Luz remains by her side as she takes another deep breath and refocuses herself.

“Maybe those of you watching think it's dumb that I'm getting emotional over any of that, but given what I've shared of my past with all of you, can I really be blamed? If I was still the same person that I was when I first started in this business, I wouldn't have wanted any of that or even found the upsides of defeat whenever it does happen. That's not how my family worked... to my parents, the Blythe name wasn't just something to associate with wrestling greatness, it was supposed to be THE standard by which every wrestler across the globe aspired to try and reach but never would. I was bent, broken, and reforged in fire until I was nothing less than the perfect wrestler. There were never allowed to be flaws in my technique, the mere thought that I could ever lose wasn't one to be entertained, there was supposed to be no room for improvement because I was supposed to be at a level that was beyond everyone... untouchable, unbeatable, undeniable. Being the best wasn't a goal for me to strive for, it was the bare minimum expected of me every single match. That was what it meant to be a Blythe... that was the legacy my parents wanted to build on our name, a legacy that included pitting me against my older siblings because that mentality didn't simply stop with every other wrestler out there. I had to always be better than them, they always had to be better than me, and there was no compromise for such an impossible situation.

That said... I can't help but envy you, Veronica Strader.

You heard me right... I envy you. Just as Luz studied and trained her butt off to face Cara last week on Breakdown, I've been doing the same to prepare for our match right here in Montreal on Thursday night. I listened back to what you had to say to Glory, a woman who statistically has had my number in just about every encounter we've had thus far. I heard you talk about how the both of you come from wrestling families, something that you and Cara both share with Luz and myself as well. The way you talked about your family, what it means to be a part of it and represent that legacy while still seeking to forge your own... I'd be lying if I stood here and say I even had the option of deciding for myself whether or not I wanted that. It's what everyone around me expected because of my name, it's what my parents demanded of me because I was their daughter... it's what I ultimately gave in and embraced, burying the person I truly wanted to be beneath the image of who I was supposed to be according to them.

The Amelia Blythe standing before you now had to fight with everything she had to break free of those shackles and finally have the chance to forge her own path... and I never would have had that opportunity had it not been for the woman standing next to me being responsible for the first taste of defeat I've ever had in this sport.”

Amelia turns and looks at Luz, who has a bit of a sheepish grin on her face at the memory of that match so long ago. A smile begins to form on her own lips as she can't resist leaning over and kissing the corner of Luz's mouth, surprising her enough that she lets go of Amelia's hand. Amelia simply turns her focus back to us, almost drawing energy from her partner staring at her like a lovesick fool as her gaze grows more determined.

“Yes, I am a second-generation wrestler from a rather highly regarded wrestling family. Yes, I have won titles all over the world both on my own and with Luz by my side. But none of that has been because I'm a Blythe, with all the expectations that name comes burdened with. If anything, how far I've come in this business has been in spite of that, because I know I need to work just that little bit harder to create a legacy of my own. I've learned my lessons and continue to learn the longer I stick with this, doing it for both myself and for the woman I love.

That is the woman who will meet you in the ring on Breakdown, Veronica.

Yes, Luz and I have been critical of the way you and Cara have been trying to handle business lately regarding Twisted & Sadistic, even if we admit you have very good reasons for wanting to pay them back. As Luz said last week, however, that's not the kind of business we want to condone happening on our watch. If her and Cara's match and your acknowledgment after the fact told us anything, it's that you do respect us for the way we want to handle things even if you may not agree with it because of who else has been involved. Twisted & Sadistic are not our friends, and our respect for them is tenuous at best right now considering we stood face-to-face with them before Taking the Leap and told them, point blank, that we weren't going to just give them anything because of how they chose to go about getting it. As I said earlier... we are the champions, we are the ones who have to lead by example. You and Cara may not be amused by us interjecting ourselves into this mess, but we're not going to stand here and allow the titles we proudly hold to be disrespected just because nobody wants to settle matters in the ring.

Last year, we were personally questioned by the current World Champion, Selena Frost, just what being World Tag Team Champions meant to us. In response, we exiled ourselves from title contention until she and Deanna deemed us to be ready. We spent that time in self-imposed exile working not only on what we could do together, but what we could do ourselves as well. Even when our exile was ended, we still didn't blindly throw ourselves right at the champions, we fought to earn the opportunity to get here. And now, here we stand, in our second reign as champions... and that means more to us than you might ever comprehend, Veronica.

After all, I'm announcing this right now on behalf of both Luz and myself: neither one of us will be in the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal come June 2nd.”

Amelia lets that declaration sink in for a moment, knowing that such a statement is rather audacious. After all, they're basically saying that they aren't pursuing an opportunity to main event Rise to Greatness or challenge for the World Championship. Still, she only smiles, and Luz even nods along to prove she's in agreement with this.

“I know that probably sounds crazy to many of you out there. After all, who in their right mind would even think of giving up a chance to compete for the biggest prize in this company?

The fact of the matter is... Luz and I are already World Champions, even if neither one of us holds THE World Championship. That is what being Tag Team Champions means to us, because those titles we hold are the only ones that matter to us right now. That is why we step into that ring night in and night out, pushing ourselves farther and farther to put on the kinds of matches you fans pay to see each and every week, and even if it's a series of singles clashes between the Cowgirls From Hell and The Light In The Darkness, we know full well there are future Tag Title implications at play here, and it would be wrong of me to not show you, Veronica, the same courtesy that Luz showed Cara last week. You deserve nothing less than my very best and more, you deserve a challenge to show me just how much this means to you, how badly you want to even our score after Luz's win last week.

This is your chance to step up to the plate Veronica, your chance to make the kind of statement we know you and Cara want to make. If you and I can put on the same great match, fair and square, that Luz and Cara had last week, then regardless of the outcome, I think it's only fair to say that the Cowgirls may have an opportunity at tag team gold in the near future.

Just know that I'm not going to make this easy for you on Thursday night... after all, I have a bit of a personal statement of my own to make come Breakdown, and I'm more than ready to fight like hell to earn this win and open a few more eyes in the process.”

Amelia grins at us before she turns to Luz, and as the two of them begin to walk back over to their friends, they seem to fall into a rather animated conversation about something. The bond between them is clear as day, though, as is the positive effect it's had on Amelia after so many years of suffering. It's not long before we see the couple start jogging once more, immediately getting back to work to make sure Amelia is ready for Breakdown and the both of them are ready for Taking Hold of the Flame beyond that, leaving us to fade out and allow them to resume pushing themselves their way.
[Image: VU13RwA.png]

Tag Team Record: 19-7*
La Pequeña Luz Solo Record: 9-5
Amelia Blythe Solo Record: 5-5-1

*The tag team turmoil on the 9/14/2023 Breakdown is counted in this record as the three separate matches LITD had in the gauntlet up until their elimination.

Breakdown 3/30/2023 - Kim Williams' Trios Cash-In
La Pequeña Luz: 3 Falls
Amelia Blythe: 2 Falls
*Neither one finished high enough to win any championships in this match
*Result listed separately and not counted in records due to lack of clarity on how to count falls

SCW Accomplishments
SCW Television Championship (Amelia Blythe - 29 Days)
SCW Television Championship (La Pequeña Luz - 98 Days)
SCW World Tag Team Championship [2] (1 - 81 Days) (2 - Current)
2023 Tag Team of the Year
2023 Match of the Year (Kim Williams' Trios Cash-In)

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